The Total Economic Impact of Workplace

by Christine Overby

The results are in. Forrester's Total Economic Impact study of Workplace shows 3.9x ROI over three years for businesses.

We’re building Workplace to give people the tools they need to transform their companies into communities. By doing so, we seek to help people feel more satisfied and engaged at work so they can add even more value to their organizations. But just how much value?

To find out, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study for Workplace by Facebook.1 You can download the full study here.

Adding value across the entire organization

When organizations connect on Workplace people become closer, teamwork gets faster and culture gets stronger. And we’re excited that the Forrester study shows the tangible benefits this connectivity brings to everyone - from the frontline worker to the management team.

Like the CEO who can see 3.9x ROI from Workplace over three years. Or the HR professional who can onboard new starters 24% more efficiently (and then improve staff retention by 10%). The IT leader who can realize an 80% cloud OPEX saving. And the Head of Internal Communications who can update frontline workers 34% faster and reduce the time it takes to make decisions by 20%.

Quantifying connectivity

We know it’s important for buyers to predict the real cost of the IT investments they make, but they also want tangible benefits for people. So it’s great that the Forrester survey results highlight some clear examples of this.

Take the 85% of people that agree using Workplace increases engagement with office and remote workers, for example. Or the 88% that feel using Workplace allows employees to feel closer to their teams and the organization. And 82% of the respondents who believe using Workplace helps their company culture become stronger.

Adding even greater value

Proving exactly why business is better when people are connected isn’t easy. This study is a good start but we recognize there’s still lots for us to do.

We’ll continue developing Workplace to make work even faster, bring people even closer, and make company culture even stronger. And we’ll do it in a way that gives a tangible economic impact for business - while giving people everywhere new and smarter ways to keep adding value.

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Dig into the data. Download the full Forrester study here.

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