What's new in Workplace? November 2018

by Sabrina Morsello

Our monthly round-up of all the latest Workplace product announcements.

When building a product, it's important to balance the exciting new features with foundational work to make the product more reliable or simple to use.

As we come to the end of 2018, we've focused on work that makes Workplace a more delightful place to communicate and collaborate. You can find some of these updates below.

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Save and organize useful posts with Collections

With so much information to consume every day at work, it can be difficult to remember it all. So we've improved our saved feature and added collections to help you save and organize the important stuff.

You can create collections based on projects or teams you're working on, subjects you're interested in or even just posts you want to save and view later. This feature will be rolling out to everyone over the next two weeks.

How does it work?

You can save any posts you see on Workplace to view later, like the links or videos your coworkers post and upcoming events. To do so, go to the post menu and click Save Post. Once you save a post, you can add it to a new or existing collection.

To create a collection, go to Saved under the Explore menu and click + New Collection. Name the collection and begin adding relevant posts to it.

Within the Saved tab, you can view your saved posts, organize saved posts into collections and adjust your settings to determine the reminders you'll receive about saved posts.

Learn about the tools your community uses to get work done

Workplace offers integrations with some of the most popular work apps out there. But with so many tools in companies today, it's tough to know what different teams and employees use. To make this easier, we will now let people request integrations with tools they already use and share this information with system admins.

How does it work?

People can request integrations in two ways. You can go to the Integrations tab found in the left hand menu of Workplace to explore available integrations and request useful ones. Our integrations with tools like Dropbox and Jira provide rich previews of the content you share.

Now if a link from one of these content tools is posted, Workplace will let you know an integration is available to request. These requests are surfaced in the Admin Panel under Integrations. System admins can choose whether to install these integrations or not.

These changes should make using integrations easier and help you get work done faster. The ability to request integrations is rolling out currently and will be available to all Workplace customers in the coming weeks.

Making Group Badge Count more clear

We have changed the shortcut section on Workplace to show a blue badge to you only if you have unseen posts in the group. We think this is a clearer indication that there is something useful for you to review.

Before this change, we showed the badge for any posts with new activity or comments which can be confusing especially if you don't subscribe to all group notifications.

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