What’s new in Workplace? October 2018

by Sabrina Morsello

Here’s our monthly round-up of all the latest Workplace product announcements.

After a one-month break to make way for the many exciting announcements we made at Flow 2018, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming of your monthly Workplace product updates.

Though it’s less than a month since Flow – we’ve got a lot to share!

Improving the relevancy of News Feed

We’ve been listening and learning from our customers in order to improve the Workplace News Feed so that it surfaces the right work-related content.

This month, we took steps to improve content relevance in News Feed. People will now only see content in their News Feed from a group they’re a member of and timeline posts from the people they follow.

This is part of an ongoing effort to continue to improve News Feed for everyone on Workplace.

Polls in Live Video

You can now create polls in live videos to make your live sessions more interactive and learn from your audience. Why not try using a poll in your next live all-hands meeting?

You can now create polls in live videos to make your live sessions more interactive

Create a poll by clicking on the Interactive tab before you start a live video. You can then collect responses from viewers in real-time while a poll is live. You can run many polls during a live, but only one will show at a time.

Example of poll in Live Video on Workplace

Manage your Workplace security health

At Workplace, we take security seriously. That means providing you with transparent reporting in addition to holding ourselves to high-security standards – like being ISO27001, SOC2, SOC3 and GDPR compliant.

We launched our new Security Center for system administrators to help you quickly check the security health of your Workplace community.

We took the detailed logs of user actions that we have already been providing like files that might have malware, password resets and more and put them into an easily digestible report.

Desktop example of Workplace's Security Center

Our Security Center shares your security health and makes it simple to take action on this data. Login settings including SSO setup have also moved to the Security tab. Admins can find these reports today in the Admin Panel Security tab.

Group management made easy with People Sets

Groups are at the center of every Workplace community. They are where organizations share important news, where people manage projects and space where communication happens.

Groups are especially powerful when organizations bring the right people together to have the right conversations.

That’s why we built people sets. They make it simple to build custom segments of people and assign them to groups and they’re now available to everyone.

With people sets, you can manage and organize all your groups fast – without leaving the Admin Panel

People Sets are dynamic lists of people in your Workplace community. You can create synchronized people sets based on profile fields or manual people sets by adding people one by one or through CSV.

You can then filter and bulk edit people profiles based on sets or manage group membership through people sets.

For example, if you were part of a hospital network, you could create a set that includes all the doctors in your New York City hospital based on the ‘job title’ and ‘location’ fields in their profiles. You could then assign that people set to groups.

This way, whenever a new doctor joins the New York City hospital, Workplace will automatically add them to these groups. And with people sets, you can manage and organize all your groups fast – without leaving the Admin Panel.

Desktop example of Workplace's People Sets

In case you missed all of the announcements out of the Flow by Workplace conference, you can read all about them here.

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